Re: "Der Bolzplatz im islšndischen (!) Dorf Fuglaf Jordur"

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erstellt von Paulo Catrica am 12. November 2003 um 21:31:34 Uhr

Antwort auf: "Der Bolzplatz im islšndischen (!) Dorf Fuglaf Jordur" (von u.kordeck am 22. Oktober 2003 um 9:20:47 Uhr)
Dear M/S,

I came across your wonderfull book about football stadiums, in London,which I adquire. I am a landscape photographer preparing,together with others photographers and a academic researchers an exhibithion about football, which will take place next May in Lisbon Portugal, on the ocasion of the Euro 2004. Therefore I would like to email the author of the project to avaliate a possible project or common interest.

Looking forward for your contact
Yours sincerely

Paulo Catrica

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