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erstellt von Andras am 4. November 2003 um 23:46:31 Uhr

Antwort auf: Re: "...island hopping in the faroes,... (von simon heptinstall am 3. November 2003 um 14:46:54 Uhr)
Hi Simon,

Is it not nice to see that some European nations still keep their traditions and culture? Pilot whales are taken for food in the Faroe Islands and they use the
meat for their own consumption. That means no export and reduce the import of
other meat. Pilot whale hunting is a bloody business but not different to the slaughtering processes behind the walls of slaughterhouses and animal-factories in the rest of the world.

However you are welcome to protest against to cruel conditions for animals in Great Britain. Such as: fox hunting, kosher butchering, Sellafield...
or is their lobby too dangerous and powerful for a journalistic trooper?

Kind regards,

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