Re: Yggdrasil mit Eivör Palsdottir beim Rochester Intl. Jazz Fest.

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Antwort auf: Re: Ersatz-Yggdrasil als Vorgruppe zur Spielübertragung (von Helmut Wilhelm am 9. Juni 2003 um 11:47:04 Uhr)
"Jazz moves from ´Bewitched` to Yggdrasil", aus Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 9,2003,p.2c : "...Yggdsrasil---Very few, if any Danes were in attendance for Yggdrasil featuring Eivor Palsdottir at Max of Eastman Place. And that was just fine, because the human voice - Danish on this night - becomes an exotic instrument.///Yggdrasil, from the Faroe Islands in the North Sea, filled the cavernous hall with a spooky, sinous fusion of piano, reeds and guitar jazz over the swooping, erotic vocals of Palsdottir, a blonde with torn, net sleeves, and sequined eyelids. There is much to be said for music that hails from distant isles.///As keyboardist Kristian Blak said, ´There is something there` Wherever it is, it´s a strange, cool place.///..."-Jeff SPEVAK.

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