Copyright Problems

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erstellt von K. Wacher - A. E. Petersen am 18. September 2004 um 14:19:08 Uhr

Copyright Problems
We have been made aware that there is a discussion regarding copyright on an article about the painter S. J. Mikines from 1991.
The article in question is a pamphlet text, written by B. Jákupsson, and made as general information for an Art-Series stamp release with four of Mikines’ works. The purpose of the article is to provide stamp collectors, newspapers, journalists and other interested with information about the stamp issue and Mikines the painter. The article appears on the main homepage: and on In the Wikipedia article, some extra information has been added, but that just makes the article more interesting.
These kinds of articles are regarded as Public Domain. One of the commitments of the Philatelic Office is to spread information about the Faroes and Faroese culture, and it is in the interest of the Philatelic Office, that they are published in different media.

Mr. Arne List wrote the Philatelic Office in May 2004 and asked for permission to use material from the Faoese Post in his work for the German Wikipedia. This was off course granted, and he recieved the answer that he was free to use texts and graphics from the main portal as well as the thematic databases: – and .
Allthough the two latter are still under construction, we have added a disclaimer for extern use of the material on them.

Whether the material is used as it is, or as source for own articles does not matter, as long as the source is mentioned. If the source specifications have been forgotten in some cases, it should be a minor problem to correct.

Mr. List has in return proofread many of the German texts on the three thematic databases and translated several texts, including the extensive narrative about the “Maria Expedition 1854”. We are grateful for his work and hope to continue the cooperation.

K. Wacher, Head of the Philatelic Office
A. E. Petersen, temporary webmaster of Faroestamps and Faroeartstamps.

P.S. B. Jákupsson has been oriented about this reply.

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