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erstellt von Arne am 13. Juli 2004 um 18:36:33 Uhr

Re: Faroese
Moin Richard,

ich bin einfach geplńttet. Es ist ein Klassiker herausgekommen.


When I was on the way to the Faroes the first time 20 years ago, I heared people talking in a strange language, I never heared before. When the ferry arrived the harbour of Tˇrshavn, these people were spontaneously beginning to perform a chain-dance and singing ballads, like they do since hundreds of years. I was entering a world for its own. Rich of nature and rich of culture - and yet a very modern society. At the end I decided to go there another time again and bought Lockwood's Introduction to Modern Faroese. This enabled me to take some lessons from a Faroese student living in my hometown Flensburg in Northern Germany. For reading we also used leaflets from the Postverk F°roya, where they describe their stamp issues in Faroese, Danish, English and German. Well, I never learned Faroese so good, that I could say, I can speak and write it, but I can read it with help of Lockwoods book and a Faroese-Danish dictionary, after I learned Danish at the university.

This was 20 years ago. Today, we are living in a global village. If I want, I can be among Farings every day via e-mail and ICQ messanger. There are so many homepages in Faroese and Faroese radio can also recieved world-wide via internet. These are the best conditions to continue learning Faroese - just by using the internet. And even the good old tradition of Postverk F°roya to provide translations of its texts is enhanced there.

Faroese. This title do you see on the spine of this book when standing in a rack. The title promises a standard work, which will cover all aspects of the Faroese language. And when you take it out of the rack and start to read the table of content, you'll know: Such a comprehensive book was never published before. The time was right for it. Thank you!

Faroese people, who are interested in their own language and maybe have foreign friends, should also buy this fabulous book. It enables you to explain your language in English in the most precise way. As I wroteabove, all aspects of Faroese is covered, and those questions remaining, you can answer by yourself to your foreign friend, or must be solved by using a dictionary. So this book is the perfect addition to any Faroese dictionary.

Visitors on the Faroes, who are thinking about a good souvenir, are now spoilt for choice in the bookshop: "Should I buy that illustrated book with photos from the Faroes, or better the ultimate book about the Faroese language?". My advise: Buy this brand new book about Faroese in combination with a dictionary, come back next year and then you have much more choices in the bookshop - between books written in Faroese!

So this book is not only addressed to linguists, but everybody interested in Faroese and Nordic culture and language.

Arne List, 37 years old hobby linguist, Kiel, Germany

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